Lighting and Innovation, those two concepts that are necessary to ensure continued success in the international stage lighting markets. High quality technology for events and fixed installations in the fields of theatre, film and television.
These were the goals that were the foundation of Lighting Innovation, when created in 1997 by Hermann Sorger, his wife Brigitta and son Harald.

Steeped in traditional Viennese enterprise, Hermann worked for many decades, in a prominent position, to successfully develop HMI stage luminaires and followspots. Hermann learned what technicians and designers wanted and needed from a lifetime of worldwide travel.

Today, our range of products include manufacturers like ETC, Philips Entertainment Group (Selecon, Strand, Showline), Brother, Brother & sons, Laser Imagineering, GAM Effects equipment, Gobos, WYSIWIG lighting plan software from Cast, conventional spotlights from Art Lighting Production and Martin Professional  Moving Lights.

Inspired by technicians and designers, we began developing our own products, starting with the Inno Four and Motoryoke in 1997. Today, our product range includes Inno Dim 170 and Inno Dim 360, Super Beam 800/1200, Quattro Beam 2300, the Kardan Yoke and Super Spot 750 Halogen and HMI 575W Follow Spot. Last but not least MotorYoke 3 the new ultimate enhanced version of the popular MotorYoke 2 complete our product range. Lighting Innovation products are characterised by compact dimensions and lightweight construction.

The MotorYoke 3 carries Source Four and Inno Four luminaires, as well as heavier equipment such as 2000/5000 W and 1,2/2,5 HMI Fresnel/PC luminaires, Parabolic Reflector luminaires and Super Beam 800 and Super Beam 1200. The lightweight drive yoke is almost completely silent, offering the highest precision positional control and reproducibility.

Our products are distributed worldwide by our qualified distributors. We are able to offer our customers complete lighting solutions; from choosing luminaires, control systems and dimmers to installations.

We are pleased that you are interested in our products, and are at your disposal to help with you order.


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